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I love art, make comics, anime of course, love zelda and video games, love anything with technology. Not a freak though. I wish to make animations someday. I love the color blue, green, and yellow. I love tacos and i am very fast. Any Questions? [(+_=)]

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3DPitDudez's News

Posted by 3DPitDudez - January 26th, 2014

Guys, I'm leaving. Why? BECAUSE I WANT TO.

I shall never return. Why? BECAUSE I WANT TO.

I'm not gonna be active, Just unfan already!

And, I shall not explain why I am leaving. Just, live on without me.

Posted by 3DPitDudez - December 28th, 2013

Wow, never thought this would happen. I actually thought that I would not make it in Newgrounds for one entire year. (Not exactly a year) 67 fans, more than 20 buds, and people who like my art, and stories ( I will get to that shortly.) 

Thanks everyone!

I just want to throw all this crap out, because I will be somewhere around New Years Eve. I'm getting a grip of myself, and I'm stopping being a crappy emo to start a brand new, fresh year. ( Then, I won't have to talk crap anymore about myself) I mean, I made it on Newgronds for a year, and only having one attempt on leaving here for good. I guess I was just lonely then and not feeling appreciated, since I was pretty new here. Believe me. Looking back on what you guys do for me, I will still stay here and be with my good ol' family!

Putting all that away, I want to talk about my art and stories. Yes, I will start writing stories again and submit art. Sadly, for the stories, my series, The cattunko Brothers, have to be on hold until I come up with great ideas to make it worth to be read. Just need to place action and the climax better and more carefully in stories, and I'll be good to go. And, keep up the great reviews! It will keep me going! Now, for the art. Not much to say, you guys like it, and some of you even have them as favorites. Which, makes me pleased to know that my art is awesome! 

Another thing I want to talk about, you guys. Well, you guys had always been here for me, and cheering me up, giving me confidence to open up and express of who I am. When I first came, I thought everyone hates me, just because I can't stand my grounds and acting like a 10 year old, who is clueless of what could happen here. Oh my god, I don't even want to think much of it, I almost actually quit like a pussy, just because of a few people being rude to me. Who cares, everyone can be like that, and it took me a long time to understand that. It also took me awhile to understand that I am able to fit in, and having the ability to express a lot of myself without acting like a complete fool.

Giving thanks to all my fans and pals who had kept me standing, and I cannot list them all at this moment. It would be a very long list, but you get the clue who you are.

Okay, now for my feelings of the ACTUAL Newgrounds site. Meaning, the art, videos, and more. The games are pretty fun, and I get medals and points. I gotta say, the best game so far to get medals is Elf Story. Damn, I should get back to reviewing and playing soon. But, maybe when the new year starts. Music, I love it, but I hardly review on them. Don't know why, but I should start doing it. Not the type of person who would give advice about music. Art, a lot of my friends do art, and I love em! And I can never say that my art is the best. A lot of people are better than me. I am still new at computer art, and I'm trying to find better programs to make my art better. Last of all, videos. The best way to keep me entertained. I have to say, the videos here are more awesome than Youtube's. ( Some videos here are also on Youtube, but oh well) At least I won't have to run into pony videos constantly. I love how everyone can have such creativity and imagination, which made Newgrounds pretty interesting. That actually goes for everything here besides animations. Well, another website to have great creativity is DeviantArt. A lot of people are into that site.

Now, I can shut up and enjoy another year here. Who knows, next year might be better.


 3DPitDudez signing out, and have a great New Year! Happy 2014!



Uploading pictures here stinks now.


Posted by 3DPitDudez - December 27th, 2013

Sorry guys, I had been very busy lately, so I did'nt have time to go on here much. Well, another reason for not wishing happy holidays is that Newgrounds is starting to bore the crap outta me. No fun lately, and I cannot keep myself entertained (also others.) 

Never mind that, my christmas was decent. Clothes, drawing crap, and my WII U! HELL YA! But, the Wii U is a pain to get used to. the battery wastes too quickly and it is hard to play with both the Wii U controllers and the Wii ones. Which, I had to do a couple of times. But, the only thing I like was the HD. It made the games more enjoyable to play. No more plain graphics.

For food, I had cookies, pies, and other sweets that made me really sick afterwards. Dinner was some strange mushroom stuff. It was decent, because I have to appreciate my mom's cooking.

How was your holiday?  Got any gifts or anything?

Posted by 3DPitDudez - November 26th, 2013

Don't know, not really in the mood of posting and such on my profile anymore. Getting lazy. Not playing games here, watching videos, and posting on stuff. Just doing checkups on what's going on in my community. I will start being more active when I stop playing Minecraft, Zelda, and Adventure Quest. And, when I stop getting distracted in the real world. (Which is a good thing) So, that's why I keep saying that I'm dead.

Post anything here, like questions and such, and I will start to walk out of my grave eventually.

And, I wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

Now, it's time to get fat until I have a hard time walking and doing shit. Just gonna sleep in for the break and eat some delicious ham and pumpkin pie. See you all soon hopefully. When I get back I promise to start posting on your things to let you know I'm still here. M' kay bye. For now.

Post Anything Here Peeps

Posted by 3DPitDudez - November 12th, 2013

Thank you.

Now look at this.



Posted by 3DPitDudez - September 22nd, 2013

But, I'm burning in hell.

Okay, my parents took my fucking laptop away, because they found out what I've been doing with it. No, it's not porn xD But, they are nice enough to let me do account checks and crap. With school also around, I won't have any time to be on here because of my time limits. Damn it. So much work to do, all because of college courses in school! Before I go back to hell, I have a great idea that henrun influenced me to do. A quick review about myself. And, some of these questions are from my friends. And believe me, they are messed up. But, I will answer them.
Here we go:

Why did you join NG?

-No fucking idea. I just want entertainment and fun on the internet I guess. Facebook is over my head, so, a gaming site will suit my needs of the entertainment. And, believe me, I have nothing to regret.
How did you come up with the username?

-Just popped in my head. I love 3D shit, Kid Icarus, and I'm a dude. My other username was about to be 3DClydeWarrior, but, I dealt with 3DPitDudez. Pretty neat name once I got used to it.
What is your name?

-Clyde, or Cress as my nickname.
How old are you?

-Actually, 15. But, how I act makes me a bit older. And forever on Newgrounds, I will be 16. I'll just be too lazy to change my age each year. I swear, I'll make my age N/A since I'm that lazy.
Are you gay? ( I hate my friend for asking me this)

-My lips are sealed about that one xD Only two people on Newgrounds know about this.
Do you like porn? ( I can get an honest answer on this one. My friend led me to tell the truth. I still hate him for this too.)

-Yeeeesssss, loads of peeps do. And I can be such a pervert. I can prove it, if you ask me too.
Ever wanting to commit suicide or anything? (Facepalm)

-I'm not answering this, my friend.

Do you like Newgrounds?

-Fuck yea. This is my home on the internet.

What don't you like about Newgrounds?

-Pretty much on how peeps act. I swear, they can be very unpredictable at times xD Also, being one the easy victims to be thrown against a brick wall. I'm always nice, but I can't be too mean to the ones who put me down.
What do you like about Newgrounds?

-Wow, this is an easy one. There is so many awesome people here, that are Youtubers, and I can talk to them anytime! So epic! And, a lot of people here are very kind to me. I swear, I thought that I would end up as a stupid mutt that would be alone for the whole time xD I am so surprised of how many fans and friends I have. I am so thankful for all this, and this proves that I can't be let down now. Now, that I'm mature and bond to this site, I know what to do and what not to do. I feel like one of the top dogs on this site. Even if there is greater ones than me.
Any hobbies at home?

-Pft, TV, video games, anime, porn, and drawing. That is my life's story right there.
Best Newgrounders you've met? ( Really?)

-All my fans and friends. It's really obvious of what the answer is.
Worst Newgrounders you've met?

-I can only list one,


Big huge cock tease, and is a huge dick to me. But, he's leaving me alone now. The other ones I cannot name. Not any of my friends and fans of course! I love you guys!
That's it for now, and I will finish the rest once I get my freedom back. I'll miss you guys! And I will be back soon! Now, back to hell I guess until my parents stop being huge dicks. I swear to god, if I don't get my freedom back soon, I will whoop some asses and decapitate heads. If I get my laptop back anyway, I will only make it on the weekends and a little bit of a week. It's because of my homework and my time limit. I promise to get things situated, and I won't be in much deep shit anymore. Bye I guess. For now.

Posted by 3DPitDudez - August 5th, 2013

Yes, scooters can be killers. And it all started when I was hanging out at my bud's house a few days ago.

We were chilling outside, riding bikes, and my bud was trying to teach me how to ride a skateboard. And to tell you, I failed countless times trying to balance on that fucking beast. I gave up, and decided to go lay on the grass and pout. My bud came up to me and had a quick chat before daring me to ride his little brother's scooter. Hell yeah I accepted the challenge! Besides, the scooter wasn't that small to ride.

I got on the scooter, and rode down steep hills. I nailed the first try, and didn't get any cuts nor scrapes. But, when my bro told me to go down a certain hill, and of course I said yes. It was a bit to high, but I nailed my first try riding down a hill!

I rode down while yelling Leroy Jenkins, and I couldn't keep balance on the scooter after riding down the hill for a few seconds. I tripped off my scooter, not falling, but running in high speed while struggling to keep balance. I slammed against a car, but I didn't feel any pain. I was lucky not to fall and seriously injure myself, and the car saved me from injuries.

My friend ran down the hill and asked if i was okay. I started laughing and handed him the bike saying, " Your brother's scooter tried to kill me." My bro laughed and shook his head. I ran up the hill and straight into the house.

Scooters can be vicious killers. Only when your stupid enough to not know how incline planes work sometimes.

Posted by 3DPitDudez - July 28th, 2013

Okay my fellow people of Newgrounds, starting tomorrow, I won't be on for a week. Again.

Why? It's because my mother is telling me to lay off electronics for a goddamn week. Especially since i'm starting school soon. I'm pissed at mom for this, BUT that does not mean I will have those feelings again about my stress going to another level. I will not think about killing mah mommy! I'm fine now! I can handle a week without electronics. And, if my mom is nice, I will check up on here and see what my favorite people are up to. And, I might respond to your posts.

Now, what i'm expecting is that you will get to post anything random or some great questions for me to answer. I'm expecting Corode or Kaeleb to post funny random crap on this. They are my favorite hilarious motherfuckers. Before I go die from jumping into a pit with my Pit teddybear, I am willing to write up a poem. A fucking nice one too.

Here we go.

Under the dome of blue and white mystery, lies a land of green,
The land carries life and wonders a simple soul will stumble upon.

Ours souls are bound to a story, that will run while we conquer it,
It will not last forever, in which the story will end when we fall.

We fall with the story, while the other souls run theirs,
Soon they will join the fallen, wrapped with a period.

Our eyes are the ink, the life around us are the pages,
the body is the cover, and we will manage to protect it with dear.

With an unfinished story, there will be no ending,
The soul cannot manage to write the end, but it will write a wonderful short story.

We are souls that are bound to a story we create and will finish,
And we will not fall with it unfinished.

The story begins now.

Done peeps!

This poems means that I will not have a chance to write the next part of The Cattunko Brothers at this moment. Sorry fans. It's because it takes up to three stinkin hours to write it up, and since i'm time limited, it will give me more stress while writing it. Under parent controls, the computer will shut off while I reached the limit. and when I go back on later, the things i'm doing are not saved. And I get very pissed at that. I will find a way to make sure I post my stories here on time, like Microsoft word, and there will be no more probs. Anyway, please forgive me kkots and other Cattunko Brothers fans, and I will fix the problem. Promise!

3DPitDudez signing off. For now. I will return. And I will come back later with internet cookies.

And, enjoy this while i'm dead.

(Insert Anything Here.)

Posted by 3DPitDudez - July 26th, 2013

My mom has been a huge jerk to me for the past few days, since I started smart mouth before going camping. And with that, it did not make camping enjoyable. All I liked is hanging out with my pals while camping, swimming, smores, hiking, grilling, and having nice chances to start fires. Well, I gotta hand it to ya, but this year was pretty swell with camping. The weather was perfect, and I get to relax with quiet forest noises.

Now that i'm home, the weather is awesome! Getting the nice home feeling with a cloudy weather, along with cold breezes. But, after today, how i'm feeling is not normal.

Got yelled at countless times, and one of the times she yelled, was in the kitchen. Near a knife rack. My bad side of my mind was telling me to stab her when she was not looking. End her life quickly. I actually grabbed a butcher knife from the knife rack when no one was looking, and my hands started to tremble. I held back this crazy feeling and put the knife back in it's place. And, I just spent the rest of the day playing my laptop and Animal crossing on my 3Ds. And I tried to get the feeling behind me. But it's still racing, making me both nervous and stressed.

Now about the feeling, is killing. I had other feelings of that, but with people out there who are pains in my life and should seriously burn in hell. I also have feelings of killing myself sometimes. The only time I was really close of killing myself was when I was 10. Now I have feelings of killing my mom?! I never got the feeling to actually kill my own mother, who understands me so much and carries me under her wing the day I met earth! She will always be there for me when I need her most, and she gives me things I really need and hold dear. And since i'm thinking about something fucked up like this, will my family be next?!

Is it okay to feel like this, as long I actually don't do what my mind is telling me to do?! I mean, is it natural to feel the suicide and murder? Having the feeling to just kill anyone you feel like you look down upon? Feeling the death rise beneath the innocent soul?

My Strange Feeling

Posted by 3DPitDudez - July 22nd, 2013

Sorry for the goddamn long wait peeps, but I had to brainstorm carefully for the next part of the story, and, to make sure this treat doesn't come out as original. kkots mentioned that on the last part, and I made the part like that because I wanted the story to go on a slow start with normal life problems. And, since I did that, the story crashed into a pole, holy fuck.

Now before I bring up the story, I have an announcement. This might the only post I will be posting for the whole week. Why? Because of a camping trip of course! I'm leaving tomorrow with the family, and we won't return home until Friday. Well, it's a few days without internet, i'm totally fine with that. But I will miss you guys a lot. And I gotta say, i'm really starting to love this site. Nobody is giving me a heads down now, since I went mature, and you guys are the best bros I had in the online world. And, also, nobody is giving crap about my art I post here, and at first you guys would hate it and never scout me to the Art Portal. I don't want to be scouted anyway. And, I will say thanks to my fans and friends for being with me while providing me loads of entertainment, support, and kindness! I'm very grateful for that.

Oh yes, one more thing, I will give you guys a little present before leaving this wonderful site for a few days. Part 3 of The Cattunko Brothers, and...FREE INTERNET COOKIES! I will also start giving them out whoever makes my day now.

Now, story time from your pal, 3DPitDudez!

What happened so far- The brothers were hanging out in an empty park on a nice cloudy morning. Shiyu, the jerk, threw a rock at Dunion the creeper, after Funisal pointed out that they were being watched. Zucole complained to shiyu at what he had done, then, they are headed to the hospital with a bleeding Dunion and left him in good hands. And once the brothers got home, they had a worried mother and she expected them to come home with pie ingredients. The brothers then offered to get the ingredients after telling mommy why they took so fucking long to get simple shit. Blah blah blah, let's just get to the part when they got their shit together, and only one time I mentioned pie!

" Hey guys! You should check this out!" Zucole was looking out the window after getting settled in the house from chores, and waited for his brothers to come downstairs, while hearing stomping. Shiyu and Funisal dashed into the living room and looked at Zucole, " What is it?" They both asked, and looked around the area with curiosity. " Looks like we have newcomers in the neighborhood. And they look rich too," Zucole looked out the window and folded his arms," just look ahead the street, two houses left." The brothers did so, and the house caught their eyes after three seconds. Shiyu pressed his face against the window like a child, " Why would rich people move here in the first place? This place is too quiet and boring," He rose a brow and turned to the brothers," and does that house used to belong to the Frugu family?"

The house the newcomers were moving to used to belong to a family of five. The mother, father, two sons, and a daughter. The children looked to be about Zucole's age, and they would always play with the brothers every weekend. That was until they decided to move to a tropical island about a year ago. They left a white house empty along with the garage and yard, still covered in daises. The brothers then felt bored and lonely until they met Runyuio. The boys found her spunky and beautiful, also protective and alert near them. Then, a close bond was made between the brothers and her after a week or so.

Now, the house belonged to a family of three. The mother and father, which the boys can't get a good glance at them since they were busy putting things in the house. And, the son, who was on the yard, sitting while looking at the grass. The boy could be seen well, and he had black hair with blue eyes, while wearing one of those classy outfits rich people wear. The house remained same, well, for now. Soon it would be covered in so many decorations with gardens all over the yards. That would annoy the hell out of the brothers for sure. Oh well, that's rich people for ya.

" Yea, but I wonder...when did they arrive? When we walked home after getting the crap, I saw the house all empty." Zucole titled his head and wondered for a bit. Funisal jumped up, " I'm guessing they just arrived. But who cares, how about we pay them a visit?" Shiyu clapped his hands together, " Yeah! We can welcome them to the neighborhood! Let's get our crap on and we'll be on our way." The brothers nodded and grabbed their jackets from the coat rack. " Hey mom! We'll be right back! We're going to say hi to the new neighbors!" Zucole yelled and waited for mom to answer. But instead, she walked into the living room with a basket, covered with a stitched white blanket, " Oh yes, I heard about them moving here. Take this and give it to them as nice welcoming present from the Cattunko family!" She smiled as she handed the basket to shiyu, then walked back into the kitchen happily. Shiyu looked at the basket and lifted the blanket slowly. Pie. With fruit in the shape of stars surrounded around it. " Oh mom..."

After making their way to the house, they saw that no one was on the yard, including the little boy. They were all just out there a few seconds ago when they stepped foot outside. Strange, but it didn't bother the brothers too much. The brothers strolled across the yard and stopped when they reached the front door.

" Okay, you knock first Funisal."

" No, you knock, your the oldest."

" Yeah, good excuse. You're just pussying out on a simple action!"

" No i'm not, you're pussying out by asking me to knock!"

Zucole knocked on the door with frustration to stop the stupid argument, and he knocked without hesitation. Shiyu and Funisal stiffened up quickly before the door opened. The door opened after four long seconds, and the person who opened it was the boy that the brothers saw earlier. But, something was strange. He had an eye patch on his left eye, and a couple of scratches on his cheek. How could something that dreadful happen to him in less than ten minutes? Especially when they just moved to a nice new home?

" Hi..." The boy said calmly, trying not to make long eye contact. Shiyu handed the boy the basket and the boy shook a bit while accepting it. Then, he set it on a small table near him. " Welcome to the neighborhood! My name is Shiyu!" Shiyu said happily, and Funisal sighed, " I'm Funisal." Zucole smiled and stood up proudly," And i'm Zucole!" The brothers then all said, " And we are Cattunko brothers!" The boy nodded and grinned, " Hello, i'm Blue Tyiol. My family came from the far east of town. " Blue put his hand out, waiting for a handshake. The brothers accepted it, and things were starting to get more bright between the guys. " Nice to meet you Blue! So, where are your parents? We would like to meet them too!" shiyu said in excitement, and the boy rubbed his arm, " Vanished..." The boys tilted their heads and Zucole rose a brow, " What do you mean, 'vanished?"

Blue looked on the ground, and picked up a knife that was next to him. He than pointed to his eye with the eye patch, and he used the knife to point, making the brothers nervous. " It briefly explains why I have this eye patch on my left eye. But, for some reason, i'm not feeling scared, nor sad about the situation." Shiyu swirled his finger next to his head, and Zucole slapped it down. Blue just dodged the question and came up with another topic. This boy is starting to creep the hell out of them.

Zucole took the knife from the boy and yelled, " What the hell are you talking about?! You need help if this happened to you! And what do you mean your parents vanished?! They were with you before we arrived here!" Blue giggled, " You should regret even coming here to greet me...you should leave and never come back..." Zucole shook his head, " No! We can't! And answer my question dammit! We can help you!" Blue looked on the floor, " Gone. Dead. But you don't need to do anything. I'll be fine." Zucole stepped back and grabbed his phone, " No, we need to call 911! We can't just leave you like this! You really need help!" Zucole was about to dial the numbers, and then Zucole saw a piece of blade through the phone. The boy just grabbed a blade out of nowhere and simply sliced through the phone!

Shiyu jumped and turned to Funisal to tell him to run away with him, but Funisal was already gone. Shiyu started to break sweat, " Wh-what the hell are you?" He didn't dare to look at Blue, and Zucole rushed near Shiyu, " What the hell are you talking about?! He's just a boy who needs a lot of medical help! Now watch him while I-" " That won't be necessary boy. Just leave and never come back. That's something to you could do to help me," Blue interrupted and walked up to Zucole and Shiyu, " or you vanish too like them." Zucole and Shiyu's eyes widened. " You..." Zucole covered his head," Your insane! Why the hell would you do that to people you care about?!" Blue smiled grimly, " New start of life, my friend. They are not important to my life. I can be alone for the rest of my life for all I care." Shiyu knelt on the grass of the yard, " I can't believe it...Zucole we have to get out of here...now." Zucole nodded and turned his head to the Blue," I don't know who you really are, but you better not do anything else this stupid in the neighborhood! You hear! We will get help whether you like it or not, and once they find out you killed your own parents, you will be vanished!"

Blue's teeth turned sharp as he smiled, and he walked closer to Zucole, " No help. None. Now you're next." Blue knocked the two out with a bat, and then, blackout for Shiyu and Zucole. " From this day on, you will forget of what happened to my parents, and who I am. I will let you live. But anymore interference's will put this place into the death penalty." He dragged the boys into the house. " for now...you will stay here while I get your other brother." He set the boys on the couch, covered in blood, and left the house.

OKAY. DONE finally. Now, I have no idea if I did good this time, but, at least I pulled in some excitement before things start to get really fucked up. And I promise there will be more fighting acts and blood in the next part! And kkots, i'm counting on you to see what is wrong and what is good about this part, okay? I might have did some wrong things on this part, but I will fix it as soon as I can. Now, you guys are wondering what the hell is up with this kid, and why he wouldn't hide what he did to his parents. Well, he's just not afraid to show his craziness. one second a nice innocent kid, and the next, he is a fucked up monster. But after what he does to the boys, they will forget everything of what happened when they first stepped foot onto the neighbor's yard. Questions about this part? Feel free to ask!

Alright, bye bye for now! And take the internet cookies with ya!